A wholly authentic and accurate UK street-legal recreation of the Porsche 917 Le Mans-winning sports racing car, in both road trim and track day guise, for UK and international markets.

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The prototype ICON 917K-001 is UK-manufactured to UK road-car specification with full IVA compliance and new vehicle road registration. It is reverse-engineered from original historical data and references, with 95% of components digitally designed in CAD (Catia by Dassault Systèmes) with component manufacture by specialist ICON partners.

Digital CAD accuracy achieved in chassis and suspension has build tolerance of +/-5mm to nominal.

This recreation of the legendary Porsche 917 is hand-assembled on multiple ICON jigs for 100% consistency. The track day variant remains fully compliant with UK road vehicle registration with equipment and specifications optimised for trackday usage.







The GRP body panels purchased in August 2011 were taken from moulds of the Porsche 917 race car (Chassis No 917/10) of David Piper.

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Customer cars are supplied in Gulf Blue or Porsche Grand Prix White livery, and if specified, wrapped in any livery required (assuming permissible brand reproduction rights).

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The windscreen is manufactured by Pilkington Classic. 5mm laminated glass, heated, tested and E-marked for road legality.

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Chassis spaceframe

The spaceframe consists of approximately 220 laser-cut T45 round tubes in five diameters as per the original classis tube dimensions of the short-tail Porsche 917. The chassis is fully-jigged, with an additional jig for the windscreen hoop, and six suspension mounting jigs. Some 220 laser-cut brackets are manufactured for suspension, anti-roll bar and rack mounts, with an additional 80 to mount ancillaries such as the body, dashboard, fuel tank etc.

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Removable roll bar


The removable roll bar was required by the FIA and homologated at the end of the 1970 season for additional driver safety

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Engine and transmission

To customer specification. Designed for any Porsche engine/ transmission, including a flat-12. (Note: The ICON 917K demonstrator features a blue-printed, Porsche 911/964 3.6 litre air-cooled flat-6 and inverted G50 5-speed manual gearbox. Power output at the wheels is 270bhp with a power-weight ratio of 325bhp per tonne.

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Exhaust system

BTB-manufactured bespoke design to package within the original chassis, including CATs and twin upright mufflers to meet UK IVA emissions and road car decibel requirements. Trackday specification according to requirements. 

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Oil, fuel and injection systems

The oil cooler is an accurate reproduction of the original, with a 15litre oil tank in the original location, and a wax stat to optimise engine warm-up.

The foam-filled duel tank is 65 litre capacity, mounted behind the bulkhead. Fuel supply is via low- pressure lift pump and high-pressure Bosch pumps. All fuels lines and fittings are race specification Aeroquip.

Fuel supply is via Jenvey throttle bodies, and the latest Bosch injectors to optimise performance emissions and fuel economy. All fuel lines and fittings are race specification Aeroquip. A turbocharged engine option, equipped with a pair of K24 Hybrid 993 GT2 turbochargers, is in development.

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Hub, uprights, and suspension systems

Bespoke front & rear hub design. 72mm centre lock with dual race bearings. 100% rose joints with T45 tubes, fully-jigged and Tig welded. Front and rear uprights: 5-axis NC HE30 billets to visually replicate those of original Porsche 917K 001-021. 

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Front and rear dampers

Inverted design as per originals, manufactured by Nitron.

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Front: Hi Spec 300mm x 32mm, RX132-6 pot radial calipers as used by Radical.   

Rear: Hi Spec 290mm x 30mm, RX114-4 pot caliper + handbrake spot caliper.

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Design to replicates the original system. Two turns lock to lock, manufactured by Titan to ICON design. Limited adjustable collapsible column with quick-release hub for steering wheel removal.

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Wheels and tyres


Magnesium casting, machine and powder-coated wheels to ICON design as an accurate reproduction of the original one-piece 15” diameter Porsche 917 rims. Rim widths are to accept available tyres for road and track.

Road wheels:  Front 8.5” x 15”width.  Rear 14” x 15” to accept Michelin TB road legal tyres.

Track wheels: Front 10.5” x 15”. Rear 15” x 15” to accept Avon race tyres.

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Rolling chassis

Completed rolling chassis without body & completed rolling chassis with all body panels bonded to the chassis.

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Accurate design to original race car layout optimised for road use. Anti-glare Alcantara dashboard and binnacle, accurate to original geometry. `Interior can be trimmed to customer specification. Analogue instrumentation: 0-10,000 rpm tachometer, speedometer, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel, ammeter.  All gauges supplied by VDO. Momo reproduction steering wheel.

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Driver and passenger seats

Bespoke design for driver & passenger, manufactured by Tillet race seats. Seat back angle, width, and fore-aft position can be revised to optimise customer seating position, Alternative fabric colours are available, with Sabelt matching six-point race harness.  

The interior features aluminium sill panels, with white GRP floor and inner wing panels. The bulkhead inner is white GRP, then aluminium with Zircoflex fireproof sheet.

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Modular design with five separate harnesses, front and rear lighting, dashboard, central cockpit, and engine. Junction boxes, fuse and relay boxes, lambda control, DTA engine management, and Innovate AFR gauges are all mounted in the RHS sill. Additional switch panel on RHS sill panel to package various switches required for UK IVA road legality.

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Rear view mirrors

Bespoke designed 3D-printed electrically operated, to meet IVA vision requirements.

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Windscreen wiper and demist


Wiper motor is mounted in original position, with bespoke linkage and anti-lift cantilever design single blade to give improved clearance when compared to twin blade original. And we have dual dash vents with warm air supplied from an axial fan via a heater.

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Headlamp installation represents the originals, as this is key to the iconic looks of the 917. Additional lighting to pass the IVA road requirements has been sympathetically added, to minimise any visual impact to the iconic looks.

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Fire Extinguisher


A Lifeline Fire Extinguisher Kit 4 Litre FIA Approved Mechanical system is fitted, with 8 deployment nozzles 4 each in the cockpit and engine bay. 

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Rear inner wings and stowage trays

These have been reversed engineered to replicate the originals, but manufactured from aluminium rather than GRP. Moulds can be to manufacture in GRP from our CAD models if required.

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A small electrical heater is mounted in front of the RHS front wheel. Combined with an axial fan this supplies warm air to the windscreen via a dual dash vent, and to the footwell via a 50mm duct.

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4,120mm (162.2 in)


1,980mm (78.0 in)


2,300mm (90.5 in)


940 mm (37.0 in)

Kerb weight

920kg (2028 lbs) includes 65 litres of fuel & 15 litres of oil

Power at wheels

example: Blue-printed, 3.6 litre Porsche 911/964. 270 bhp at 7,000rpm







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EATONCORP LTD is the independent manufacturer of the ICON 917K road and trackday car. The company is not sponsored, approved or endorsed by Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche, AG or its subsidiaries. The Porsche® name and crest are trademarks of Dr. Ing. h.c.F. Porsche AG.